Desert breeze


A warm summer afternoon and a warm cup of Desert Breeze.

This coffee is perfect for those who love it fruitily. With its strawberry yantry, it is a real feature and should be tested by all coffee lovers. The fruity aroma is unique and convinced.

Country of origin: Guatemala

Type of treatment: natural

Taste profile: strawberry, cherry, peach

250g roasted raw coffee (whole beans)

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Growing region: Santa Rosa, orientale

Farmer: El Boqueron

Height: 1000-1900 m

Varity: catuai, caturra, typica

Guatemala’s southern mountainregion of Santa Rosa is home to 250 smallholder farmers. The sweet, fruity note is the result of careful selection of cherries and a natural
Sun drying. The red coffee cherries are spread on crushed soil and turned regularly during drying. Sun drying can take up to 5 weeks. After detaching the pulp, the beans are sorted by hand. In the “natural” preparation, the twitchy pectin layer enters the bean, which creates the sweet aroma of the coffee. A very special taste!

Perfect for filter coffee. We recommend 16 grams of coffee on 250ml water with a brewing time of approx. 2:30min.

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Weight 250 g
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