About us

At Desert Coffee, we offer you a whole new coffee experience. Our specialty coffee is characterized by very high quality and convinces in taste. Sustainability and fair trade are our top priority. With the Ingolstadt-based roastery “District Five Coffee Roasters” we have found exactly the right partner. The close contact with the farmers on site ensures a high quality and makes it possible to optimize the beans to our requirements. With experience and the right technology, the colleagues of “District Five” roast the coffee beans exactly to our taste and thus offer us the opportunity to deliver an outstanding product to our customers. With us you get both fruity coffee like the Desert Breeze or a rather classic to chocolatey, nutty taste, which the coffee Sunday Morning Roast offers.

Another important pillar of Desert Coffee are our ceramic products. Every ceramic product you find in our shop is a unique piece. It is lovingly crafted, burned, glazed and sent to you. Everything on site. This way we have the opportunity to respond to your personal wish. We love to design beautiful things and look forward to new ones every time a product of ours finds a new home.